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Check what's happening within the community at Fate Station.

恭喜發財 Kung Hei Fat Choy


Happy Chinese New Year - as the year of the Dog approaches there are numerous events happening within the Chinese community. Check out our events page for just some of these events.

恭喜發財! 希望大家過一個非常開心愉快農曆新年。 狗年來臨了 - 慶祝活動請到活動網頁瀏覽。

Happy Father's Day


父親節快樂!祝每一位父親開開心心享受家庭溫暖!Wishing all father's happiness and enjoying time spent with family.

端午節 Dragon Boat Festival


祝端午節快樂! 食粽食得開心又幸福! A traditional Chinese festival, where eating rice dumplings wrapped in leaves is to commemorate the poet and minister Qu Yuan(屈原). Legend has it that villagers carried their dumplings in boats to distract the fishes away from his body. Now, the dragon boat racing is a tradition held around the 5th day of the 5th lunar month.

See what events are happening within the Chinese community.

Happy Easter


復活節快樂! 希望大家過一個非常歡樂的復活節假期!Wishing everyone a fun and entertainment packed Easter Holiday!

Ching Ming Festival


又到清明節。 相信今年有家庭第一次去拜山。請大家小心照顧老人家和小朋友。Ching Ming Festival has come round again. Some will have their first experiences of visiting and paying respects to the dead Please look after the elderly and young children.

Happy Mother's Day!


母親節快樂!祝每一位母親日日開心時時快樂! Wishing all mothers happiness every day all the time.

CNY celebrations 農曆新年的慶祝活動


Through the Spring Festival period, there have been lots of celebratory events happening for the various associations within Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas. We went to film some of these with permission from the event organisers and put some videos together. Check out our performances page for a taster of what you miss at these events.

Happy Lantern Festival 元宵節快樂


祝大家元宵佳節快樂! Traditionally a Buddhist tradition to show respect to the Buddha by lighting lanterns. The 15th day of the lunar month also marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations, and there has been quite a few happening in Manchester these few weeks.

Happy Spring Festival! 新春快樂


恭祝大家身體健康,財運亨通,東成西就,步步高陞。恭喜發財!雞年吉祥!Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous year of the Rooster. Happy Spring Festival. To celebrate this occasion we have now also released a page where you can listen to the songs grouped by our featured artistes.

「緣全」音樂影片 Fulfilled - Music Video


Launched - 「緣全」 Music video now available to view online. Check our video page.

Seasons Greetings


The team at Fate Station wishes all our members, contributors/supporters and site visitors a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a Happy New Year 2017!

Happy Moon Festival


The team at Fate Station wishes everyone a happy mid-autumn festival. Enjoy your mooncakes and stay safe with the candles.

Signed Agreement with Mark Liu 雷頌德


Pleased to announce we have an agreement from Hong Kong celebrity Mark Liu 雷頌德, songwriter, composer and producer of Cantopop music in the provision of from his own record label Mark Lui & His Production Ltd. More specifically, songs sung by new singer, 18 year old Jaymie Cheung 張美儀.

New Debut Single from Jaymie Cheung 張美儀


So happy to have received the new debut single 化夢 Dream On, from Mark Lui 雷頌德 who has kindly given his permission for us to use it on our web site.

May Special 特別節目


Our special audio programme featuring acclaimed Hong Kong screenwriter and director Felix Chong 莊文強 is released.

Ching Ming 清明


Tomb sweeping day - to pay respects to those who have passed away. Rituals include cleaning and weeding of the graves, as well as ancestor worship.

Felix Chong 莊文強 - Screenwriter and Director


Hong Kong writer and director Felix Chong 莊文強 came to visit the UK for the Hong Kong Crime Film Season at Home in Manchester. Listen to our special interview with him on our audio programme.

Introducing the Fate Station web site


Happy New Year with the celebratory launch of the Fate Station site. Registration is open for individual members and corporate members.