About Us 關於

Pink Cherry Blossom from freedigitalphotos.net

緣份站 Fate Station is a project for exploring opportunities by forging connections. Opportunities are created by anyone for everyone. This site is designed to cater for creative contributions from members and shared with everyone.

這個網站為華人增光,為創作,為才藝 - 貢獻機會與大家分享。

[Image: For the Chinese, the peach blossom is believed to have a positive effect when making connections.

We invite creative individuals to join us help promote each other, and support the British Chinese community. We also welcome our visitors/audiences to send us feedback on our programmes.
我們邀請有創意的人加入我們,互相幫助,支持英國華僑。 我們還歡迎我們的訪客/觀眾向我們發表意見或節目回應。

Individual Members 個人會員


We invite those wishing to contribute to sign up as members. Registration is currently free, although we reserve the right to charge a fee (for new members) in the future. Existing members can log in here.

Corporate Members 公司會員


Companies/Associations can choose different promotional packages to reach out to our visitors and members. Sign up now and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements. Current corporate members can log in to access their account.